Top 4 best automakers in the world

Many drivers are actively interested in automotive statistics and ratings of reliable car brands. When studying the next rating or test results, car enthusiasts are very surprised. The same producers in different ratings are on different places. One marketing research proves the absolute victory of a certain model, and another rating puts it almost to the very end of the list of reliability.

To help to understand this chaos of information it is worth trying to unite all results and to independently draw conclusions. The independent expert analysis of the best brands of cars in the world is presented in this article.

1. Toyota

The Toyota company from Japan became the indisputable leader of the rating among producers of cars. By 2016 this concern realized in the markets more than 7.5 million passenger cars. Toyota cars strike with the stability. Already more than ten years it is considered one of the best Japanese brands of cars.

2. BMW

A BMW car was always appreciated by motorists. This brand was to some extent prestigious. And for a long time does not come out of the signs of wealth and refined car taste. German brands have always specialized in convenient and easy driving. BMW can be considered the best of them.

3. Ford

The world famous company has gained popularity thanks to 8-cylinder V-engines. Selling about 5 million of its cars for 2016, confidently holds the second place in the top. In the following years, Ford plans to increase annual sales to 6 million, thereby advancing in the leaderboard to a higher position. Models Ford F-150 and Ford Focus are among the top-selling cars.

4. Honda

The company overcame a boundary of 3 million sold cars in a year. The strengthened work on improvement of indicators is being conducted. In 2016 Honda showed record results of monthly production of cars more than once, for example, in August total amount exceeded record world marks — 358 156 that is much higher than indicators of previous year. And in America the result of sales broke the record, having made 1 586 551 realized car.

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